Student Elections

The list of eligible candidates for 2008-2009 student governance positions has been posted outside the office of student life. Elections will be Mon., April 14 - Wed., April 16, 2008. A list of candidates follows.

SGA President

Lerone Bleasdille (Rising Stars)

SGA Vice President

Sarah Conyers
(Rising Stars)

SGA Secretary
No Candidates

SGA Treasuer
Emmanuel Santos (Rising Stars)

SGA Chief Justice

Leah Suter
(Rising Stars)

SGA Social Director

Marcos Sotomayor (Rising Stars)

SGA Part-Time Evening Representative
Andrew Jackson (Rising Stars)
Ashis Kuma

SGA Senator for the School of Professional Studies

Evita Belmonte

New Tech Times Editor

Miriam Sotomayo
(Rising Stars)

College Council for the School of Professional Studies

Clarence Leaphart

Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee

Christina Torres


leroneb said...

For those who would like to know more about the "Rising Stars", check out our Facebook group at -- you would have to be a member though. just look for us.

type in "Rising Stars"

OSLD Staff said...

Thank you for the information